Blackened Bleu

A series of illustrations that will culminate in a library of imagery to be referenced in a multi-media venture.

Limited Prints

All Print runs within the series "Blackened Bleu" are limited at 99. A $1.00 increase in price is applied to each successive Print in the run until complete at 99; at which point the image is archived and no longer available for purchase. The purpose behind this decision is to establish and maintain value for both the Artist and Patron.


All Prints sold in the series "Blackened Bleu" are signed and numbered. Should you encounter a Print that is not signed and numbered, it is not authentic.


Shipping available within the United States. Cost of shipment is based upon weight; product weight includes materials to provide an accurate quote. Please allow up to three days for Print and Process before shipment.

Returns Policy

All Print sales are final.